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White-Collar Business Crime

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This book is about people who once had everything – power, money, and prestige – and who lost it all in one day. With the help of international law, the book explains what corporate management should know about white-collar crimes in different areas of business. It offers the biggest business crime cases from all over the world.

At the heart of the business crimes, there is corruption, money laundering, fraud, and extortion. None of the law areas is immune to the crimes: they occur in company law, competition law, tax law, labor law, environmental law and intellectual property law – just to mention a few.

The book helps to outline business-friendly models for crime prevention. Most of all, it increases knowledge of white-collar business crimes and helps people to avoid making their own ones. The book is aimed at business leaders and at everyone who runs their own business. It also provides information for business developers as well as business and law students.


The author, M. Sc. (Econ.) Heidi Lautjärvi, has graduated from Aalto University School of Economics with a major in business law. She has also studied law at the University of Helsinki. Lautjärvi has worked for one of the biggest law firms in Finland, Hannes Snellman, where she was involved in several book and article projects. She currently works for an award-winning IP firm in Finland as Head of Marketing and Communications.

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White-Collar Business Crime
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Heidi Lautjärvi

Saatavuus Tilapäisesti loppunut
Sivuja 270
Julkaisuvuosi 2023
Julkaisija Edita Publishing Oy
Painos 1. painos
ISBN 978-951-37-8940-4
Tuotenumero 3789404
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